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Hard Money Direct Lenders Bridge Lending Group accelerates the funding process when new and lucrative opportunities open up in the real estate market. Serving investors and developers for private hard money loans in Jacksonville, Orlando / Central Florida and the greater New York area, we offer a practical way to get the money you need for rehab properties, real estate development projects, and commercial renovations, super-fast.


With our hard money direct lenders, the decision-making process is done in-house and with no third parties getting in the way.

With Bridge Lending Group, you don’t have to have good credit to qualify for a hard money rehab loan either. We look at the whole picture to determine eligibility and get you a quick response when you apply - often the very same day!

Get the money you need to makeover residential buildings, including REO properties, and potential fix and flip properties. Our lenders are transparent and tell you up front what you’re getting into, with no surprises later on.

Get More Mileage Out of Rehab Properties


Luxury developers in Jacksonville, Orlando / Central Florida and the greater New York area turn to the Bridge Lending Group first for expedited funding to bid on profitable real estate projects.

All of our hard money direct lenders work in-house, cutting out the middlemen, long wait times, and red tapes when you want to get approved for a loan, fast.

Use private hard money loans as a means to a end: profits and prosperity.

The short-term nature of the loans allows you to get in and out of a financial crisis, fast.   

Find a Direct Lender in Your Backyard


Commercial real estate owners know the mammoth task it is to keep properties profitable. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to “keep up with the upkeep.”

If you’ve fallen behind on maintenance - and occupancy rates are dwindling as a result - don’t throw in the towel, just yet. Take action today by consulting with Bridge Lending Group for private hard money loans.

Our private hard money loans are used by hoteliers, retailers, restaurateurs, and myriad other real estate investors.

 Reach the Next Level of Success

Use Private Hard Money Loans

Bridge Lending Group won’t take weeks to approve your loan request, either. In many cases, you can get the money in hand or in a bank account in as little as 10 days.

When conventional banks turn you away, we find a way.

Bridge Lending Group never utilizes pushy sales people when it comes to private hard money loans. We allow applicants to take the lead to review options available, be counseled by a knowledgeable financial advisor, and ultimately make an informed decision.

Many of our clients become lifelong customers and use us as a cushion for weathering the many highs and lows of the real estate market in the areas we serve. Bridge Lending Group caters to clients in Jacksonville, Orlando / Central Florida and the greater New York area.

Private Hard Money Loans – Direct Lenders in Jacksonville

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You know “the art of the deal” - and our hard money direct lenders understand what it takes - working capital to make your businesses move.

Let’s Shake Hands On a Good Deal

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